The Mountain Grill and Juice Bar Review



Location: 2000 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, ON

Date of visit: 12/18/2014
Time: 2:30 PM
Ordered: 2:35 PM
Served: 3:05 PM


Food: I ordered the Chicken Shawarma with Fries and Salad ($11.29 – taxes included). The quality of the food was okay especially considering the price point (nothing special). It is served on a square plate with crispy fries (presumably from Costco), shawarma chicken (I found it drenched in tahini sauce a bit too much) and a handful of green salad (consisting of diced cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce). Portion size is appropriate (for a petite girl, I took home left overs).

Beverages: Items are in a reasonable range. They had the basic familiar carbonated beverages on hand. Downfall: I was disappointed that we were not asked to include drinks with our meal and not even provided with a jug of water at the least.

Employees: The servers were very kind and appeared knowledgeable. However, they disappeared well after we received the food, did not come to check up on us if everything was okay.

Entrance: We were acknowledged by the employees upon entrance and exit with a pleasant greeting and farewell. There is confusion and I still have not figured out if this is a self serve restaurant or not. When we walked in, we were confused, do we sit and they will come take are order or what? When we went, the employee gave us our menus near the register and we found our seat. Because it was not busy, the employee came up to us to give us our meals.

Atmosphere: The environment is very cool and calm. You can concentrate on your food/drink with others without aural distraction. However, I did go at a time where only a few people were dining considering it was 3 PM. The area of this restaurant has a very large space, so I would assume you would not have to shout at others when speaking. They had ethnic printed seats, very well cushioned and comfortable with a little brown gazebo-type shelter over you in some sections of the restaurants. . The space is somewhat distracting but simple areas of the room do enhance overall appearance. There is an indoor playground for kids ($3 entrance fee) – great for little ones.

Arabian themed cushions under a brown wood-style hut
Arabian themed cushions under a brown wood-style hut

Cleanliness: Overall, this place is clean considering its been open only for a week. Did not visit restrooms.

Play Area

Features: This restaurant offers a unique indoor child play area, so you may eat in peace! Downfall: $3 entrance fee into area.

Overall: There is nothing special about this restaurant, but if you are craving Chicken Shawarma or a freshly baked Stromboli in the area, go for it.

Repeat? I would visit this place again for the Deluxe Stromboli.

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